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Get the sound quality you’ve always wanted. With HD OMNI, To read more about the power behind the omni, have a look at the company website. Excerpt from Drakes engineer and producer Noah… Continue reading

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All songs were recorded mix and mastered at HD Mastering Studios, They were also produced by are lead mastering engineer Marc Hadji. More Videos Coming soon,

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Visit us in Ottawa, Ontario! HD Mastering studio is currently located in Ottawa, Ontario and we are open Monday through Sunday,


Mastering engineer With the proper schooling, training and work experince Marc Hadji is able to make your final mixes stand out from the competition…

The Vocal Booth

The Studios Vocal Booth HD Mastering Studios currently features a vocal booth in order to add tags and other last minute voice overs.

DJ Smallz presents: Maycuse, Kush Water, Sex

This album was Recorded and Produced By Marc Hadji and Mastered at HD Mastering Studios. Listen free and download here It Was recorded by recording artist, Maycuse